ANTIOQUIA in Boise at Sockeye Brew & Grill on 05/11/12

February 27, 2012 in Events

(an – tee – OH – kee – ah)
“I don’t wanna work, just wanna bang on the drums all day!” Before you know it, you’ll be singing along with Antioquia (an-tee-OH-kee-ah). High energy stage performances, thought provoking lyrics, and a diverse blend of music inspires raucous dancing and deep listening. Anyone who has seen them perform live at Sawtooth Music Festival in Stanley, ID or in Boise at Liquid, Sockeye Brew & Grill, or drumming at Pie Hole can attest that this band is anything but ordinary and guaranteed to entertain you.

Presently based in San Francisco, Antioquia’s conception took place much farther south within the state of Colombia that gave the band its name. There, guitarist Adley Penner and drummer Craig Miller originally discovered their musical chemistry. Later, they were joined by Paul Martin’s on bass and Tomas Salcedo on low end guitar. Rachel Antony-Levine combines the not so subtle vocal stylings of Janis with revolutionary flow of Zach De La Roch on lead vocals and keys. With influences from Primus and the Mahavishnu Orchestra to AfroColumbian songstress Toto La Mompasina and traditional music from West Africa, Antioquia’s primary mission is to unite humans with the healing art of dance. Peppered with fits of improvisation, bouts of silliness and fiery percussion pieces performed amidst the crowd, Antioquia’s show is high energy, captivating, and anything but predictable.

Antioquia is releasing their third studio album, “VIAJERO,” on this tour. “Idaho,” the first track from the new album, was inspired by the artist’s last tour through the Gem State. This summer they are traveling from Berkeley, CA through Oregon, down from John’s Alley in Moscow for two special performances in Boise, and then they continue on across the Midwest to Wisconsin and then back again. See Antioquia live Thursday, May 10th for an “adults only” 21 and over show at Liquid Lounge in BoDo at 10PM. Then on Friday, May 11th, Antioquia will play an all ages show at Sockeye Brew and Grill (Cole / Ustick) at 8PM. No cover for either show so you can enjoy more listening and libations, and pick up one or all three of their albums. The Bay area rockers high energy, let it all hang out, energizing stage act will send your spirits flying. Visit or for ANTIOQUIA videos, links, and more information about the show.

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ANTIOQUIA (San Francisco ROCK / World Beat) (high-resolution band photos, music & EPK on artist’s website)

Thursday, May 10th, 2012 Friday, May 11th, 2012
Liquid Lounge – 405 S. 8th St Sockeye Brew & Grill – 3019 N. Cole Rd
LIQUID LAUGHS 8-9:30PM (cover) MUSIC 8pm-11:30PM

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